Classes & Pricing

If you are new to yoga, we recommend starting with one of our basic classes: All Levels, TGIF Stress Relief or, if you are currently physically active, Yoga Hour.

We strongly recommend consulting a physician before beginning your yoga practice, especially for those who:

Class Descriptions

Let your light shine at Southern Sky Yoga. Find a class that suits your personal goals and interests.

Classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Level: Basic/Beginner

These classes are suited for beginners as well as practicing yogis. The pace is a little slower and there's plenty of instruction to assist those who are just getting started.

Gentle Flow Yoga: Geared toward those who want a less rigorous yoga experience. Modified poses and props are offered to assist those who have physical injuries or other limitations (be sure to discuss these with your instructor). Open to all levels.

Yin Yoga: You don't need to be flexible to benefit from the quiet stillness of Yin Yoga. Composed of a series of slow and relaxing floor poses, this practice focuses on gently stretching the connective tissue around the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. The result is less tension in the body, enhanced range of motion, and a quieter mind.

Level: Moderately Challenging

These classes are suited for physically fit beginners as well as practicing yogis. The pace is a little slower and there's plenty of instruction to assist those who are just getting started.

All Levels Yoga: This beginner-friendly class includes the basics but also offers more advanced options for experienced yogis.

Lengthen & Strengthen: You'll improve your flexibility while gently increasing strength. Open to all levels and geared toward those who want a less rigorous yoga experience.

TGIF Stress Relief Yoga: What better way to prepare for the weekend than a yoga class aimed at draining away the stress of your hectic week? Yoga with an emphasis on calming the nerves, concluding with a slightly longer period of relaxation. Suitable for all levels.

Morning Flow: Sunday mornings were meant for sleeping late and lounging around the house. So when you come to class, chances are your body is still a little stiff. That's why Morning Flow starts off nice and easy, warming your body up gradually and getting you ready for the yoga to follow.

Level: Challenging

These classes are open to all levels but are not recommended for those who are not currently both physically fit and physically active. These classes are not as slow-paced as those listed above, and also feature more challenging poses and sequences.

Yoga Hour: (Suitable for all levels, but designed to be challenging.) A basic yoga class, but designed to be challenging. Suitable for practicing yogis and physically active beginners.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Yoga: (Not recommended for beginners.) A 75-minute class for those who know the basics and want a longer class with more options for expanding their practice.

Vinyasa II: (Not recommended for beginners.) A 75-minute class for practicing yogis who know the basics, this class is less about instruction and more about practicing. Vinyasa practice involves more flow and fewer static (held) poses.



All classes are limited to 20 participants. Drop-ins are welcomed as space permits. Pre-registering online guarantees your place in class.

Single Classes

Class Passes

Class passes are valid for all regular classes but may not be used for workshops or special events. Passes are for individual use only and may not be shared. No refunds will be given for unused classes. If you don't come to class frequently, the class pass may not be your best option.

Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of yoga is easy. You can order a gift certificate online for a single class or any of our multi-class packages, customize the look, and choose to have it e-mailed either to yourself or the recipient.

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